Send 4K Images in Signal without Losing Image Quality

Popular Instant Messaging App, Signal now let you send 4K images without losing the image quality.

Image sharing is greatly used in Instant Messaging App these days but most instant messaging apps limits this feature to avoid bottleneck on their servers. Take WhatsApp for example, which is the most used instant messaging app on the earth still doesn’t allow its users to directly share the 4K images. Telegram, on the other hand, has this feature.

Now, following a report from Android Police, the latest beta version of the Signal app (that is Signal beta v5.11.0) is allowing the users to send 4K images. You can download the latest Signal Beta versions from here.

The new option to send 4K Images in Signal without losing the Image quality

The process is simple. Just like sending other images, choose the 4K images you want to send and then select whether you want to send those images in Standard form or in High Form.

If you choose the Standard option, the image transfer will be faster but the image will be compressed and hence the quality of the image will be low. Choosing the High option, lets you send the image in its original quality but the transfer will be slow.

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