Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

After introducing the game last week to all of us, the South Korean game development company “Krafton” today has announced the Pre-registration date of its India exclusive upcoming game “Battleground Mobile India”.

As per an official post, Krafton’s new free to play game Battleground Mobile India will go live on Google Play Store next week on May 18.

Now, although the game is going to live on Google Play next week, users can only pre-register for it.

The benefits associated with the pre-registration includes some exclusive rewards. Although it isn’t revealed yet what those rewards are but many believe it may be some exclusive skins for vehicles in the game, exclusive cosmetics and more.

As you can see that, the Pre-registration is going to live on Google Play we don’t yet when iOS users will get the same.

On May 18, 2021, Users can pre-register for the Battleground Mobile India by visiting its listing on Google Play store and then click on the Pre-register button. The rewards have said to be given automatically to the users (who pre-registers for the game) when the game will launch.

As we said earlier and now too, as soon as the pre-registration link goes live, we will let you know.

Now coming to the launch date of Battleground Mobile India, if we believe the rumors then Krafton will may launch the game in the mid of June.

One more thing Krafton has urged to its users not to call its new introduced Battleground Mobile India as the refreshed version of PUBG Mobile. The reason is, the company is fearing calling its new game in association with the old one might again poke the government to ban the new one too.

So, how many of you guys are interested in Krafton’s upcoming India exclusive free to play game – Battleground Mobile India. Do let us know in the comment section down below. Also, do tell us, How many of you are going to pre-register for the game.

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