PUBG PC Lite Indian Server is now Open for all users living in India. The Lite version of the famous royal battle game PUBG is now available for PC in India. That means you can now install PUBG Lite on your PC and also able to play it as PUBG team today announce they have opened the Indian servers of PUBG Lite.

Earlier In India, the Mobile, as well as the PC Version of PUBG, was available. Infact, for low-end smartphones, a lite version of PUBG Mobile is also available.

Now, Coming to PUBG PC, In India, because most of the users don’t have high-end PC therefore, they likely to depend on PUBG Mobile Emulator to experience PUBG on their PC. However, not now, because you can now install and play PUBG PC Lite in your low-end PC and laptops as well.

Two days ago PUBG team announced PUBG PC Lite is available for Pre-download to avoid launch day rush. Players who already download the game files today experiencing PUBG PC Lite gameplay. However, users who are downloading PUBG PC Lite game files today get some speed limitation.

I already covered in one of my article about PUBG PC Lite game file size which is around 2.5GB. However, to download the game files, you first have to download its launcher whose size is around 65Mb.

Where to download PUBG PC Lite?

One more thing I link to mention here is, Last month, PUBG team announced the pre-registration event of PUBG PC Lite. Users who register for that event going to receive rewards such as exclusive weapons as well as skins in the form of redeem codes in their registered email on July 11, 2019.

That’s it. Once you install and starts playing the game, don’t forget to come here and let us know your experience in the comments down below.

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