PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Goes Live on Vikendi Map

While it is not the best season to bring a mode selected especially for a winner map, I mean the Vikendi Map. However, looking at the Global Pandemic, PUBG Mobile thought it is the best time to bring a new survival kind of mode in the Game. Yes we are talking about the brand new Arctic Mode which has been added today in the PUBG Mobile and you can find it inside the Vikendi Map. In this article, we gonna talk about this mode in detail and will try to mention every minute details about this map in front of you.

How to access PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode?

There are two ways to access this new mode if you haven’t used it already. The first one is the banner present right in front of the PUBG Mobile Home screen and the second one is by visiting the Evoground game mode selection screen.

Things Included in PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

Now, coming to the exciting part, In the Arctic Mode, While battling with other players you also have to save yourself from the cold wave waving outside. You can do so via different mediums present in the mode. Examples are by starting an Indoor fire using a lighter, however, to keep the fire going on, that also requires tree branches which you can collect on your way. Other mediums include eating roasted chicken, collecting and using warm packs, Turning on the heater and so on.

Pro Tip: To save yourself from the cold wave, I suggest you to use the Indore Fire as much as possible. On the other side, while you have to take a fight outside warm packs and roasted chicken comes handy. You can use the Heater to help your teammate combating with other players outside. That way you gonna provide your teammate the backup and saving them from the coldwave while they fighting with other players outside. That is all, you can try a bunch of other strategies too and yes do let me know in the comment section down below.

Snowboard Quickly Ski you from one place to another

Although this mode has brought the concept of cold wave in the Vikendi Map, there is an interesting thing present which you can use to easily and fastly go from one way to another. That is the snowboard. Snowboard quickly ski you from one place to another. However, at a time there is only player who can use a snowboard. So, this thing is helpful while playing a solo.

This new mode also has drones present in case you want to monitor your opponents from the sky without visiting outside in the cold wave.

So, this is all about the PUBG New Arctic Mode in Vikendi Map. Let me know if I missed something in the comment section down below.

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