How to play pc games on android for free
How to play pc games on android for free

Play PC games on Android for free | Intro

In this article, we are describing you how to play pc games on Android for free. You can play latest PC games like GOG, origin, blizzard and much more

Cross-platform gaming is still new to people today. Also, most people do not even know about it in detail. This is also because most of the tests have failed. Some of these options include the BlueStacks emulator which allows you to play Android games on PC. Simultaneously, Sony PlayStation is a platform that can play PS3 games on Windows PCs but playing PC games on a smartphone is different. PC games always tend to consume more space.

The cloud gaming company Onlive has always tried to run PC games via smartphones but it has failed. Now New York-based gaming company Liquid Sky has launched a cloud-based app, in which any PC game can run on its smartphone. That is, you no longer need to buy a device such as OnePlus 5 to play PC games.

The smartphone system requires at least 1GB of RAM and 30MB of storage so that you can download games to the cloud. After downloading it, the smartphone will not have to face the problems of space.

You need an Internet connection to play pc games on Android for free

Users need an Internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 5mbps while for good gaming experience they need a 20mbps connection. Online gaming for the mobile system is not new. Today, many Android games require an internet connection but the speed of 20mbps is a challenge to reach the mobile network in India. So it remains mostly on wifi networks.

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How does it work?

It basically works by connecting the user smartphones to a virtual PC running on Liquid Sky Cloud Server. After downloading the game user can play the game through Liquid Sky remote server. In a smartphone, the game will be compressed and stream on 60fps frame. The user must have to sign up for this app and take a subscription plan. After this, they can access any game library present on Liquid Sky Cloud Server. Users can not only play the old games but also play the new games like GOG, Origin, Blizzard or Humble Bumble. It is available on all PC Games and App Program Interfaces (API) online stores. So there is no need to download different apps.

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What will be the price?

Liquid Sky is available on Android device. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. There is no information about its presence on the apple store. Indian users can download it for free but once you have to subscribe. The lowest subscription plan is $ 9.99 (about Rs 644). Users will get 100GB of storage in it. One month subscription to cloud storage that will get 500GB of storage is worth $ 19.99 (about 1289 rupees) for one month.

Why does it need controllers?

Technically PC games are not designed for touchscreen devices. Always require a controller or mouse and keyboard for it. For smartphone users, they can not run with the screenshot control, so users have to take a compatible Android controller. Android controllers can connect smartphones through OTG cable or Bluetooth. Liquid Sky always recommends wired controllers for the Best Gaming Experience.

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