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Today, I’m going to reveal a method through which you could quickly get the number of text messages you have sent someone on WhatsApp. With this same method, you could also access the number of videos, gifs or other file types you send someone on WhatsApp.

Two Years ago, WhatsApp Introduced an option called Data and Storage Usage in the App. You can access this option by quickly navigating to your WhatsApp Settings page. Data and Storage option have several sub-options that owns some features. For example, The Network Usage option helps you to analyze the data consumption by WhatsApp Calls, WhatsApp Media, Messages, and more. Data and Storage Usage also gives you options to manage your WhatsApp data usage. Media Auto-Download and Call setting are examples.

Text Message Counter WhatsApp
Text Message Counter WhatsApp

In Data and Storage usage option, we forget to look at an option called Storage Usage. Moreover, this is the option from where you could check the number of text messages you have sent someone on WhatsApp. All you have to do is click on Storage Usage > Contact Name and the very first row shows you the number of text messages you sent to the same contact.

If you look closely, there you see the number of other file types you have sent to the WhatsApp contact you have chosen.

With Storage Usage option, you could also filter your WhatsApp contact form to which you have made the most conversation.

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