Netflix testing the Playback Speed Option
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To let the viewers to see more and more content in a short span of time, the Californian Streaming behemoth Netflix has come up with a new feature that let the viewers to set the Playback speed of the video.

Now, although this feature is in testing phase some beta testers able to spot it on Android Devices. It was first spotted on October last year by the Android Police team on some of the select titles like The Incredibles, Breaking Bad and so on. Now, the same feature has been spotted on some select Android Devices in India.

When asked about the same feature to the Netflix Customer care, they also confirmed the feature is in testing and may be rolled out if everything goes fine.

Last year at New York Times DealBook Conference also we get some idea of this feature from the Netflix CEO Reed Hasting itself. He said, Long time ago watching a movie on a mobile screen was seen a terrible thing. We have to balance constituencies, and both are very important and the speedup, which is 1.5x is an experiment to see to consumers even care about and that’s a degree consumer care about it, we would talk with creators and see its use cases.

Once again let me tell you that at the time of writing this article, in any of the stable release Netflix has not any Playback speed option. It is spotted in betas and appears in select devices. Hence, for now we have to wait and see when and whether it will roll out in any of the stable release or not.

For now you can let us know your opinion about this feature in the comments down below.

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