Mute Chat for Always in the Latest WhatsApp Beta

In a bid to provide the user more control over the privacy, WhatsApp has added a new option to mute a chat for always. The popular website who writes about WhatsApp said in their latest blog post that the WhatsApp will soon be add an option to mute a chat for lifetime.

For now, if you want to mute a chat or a group, you can mute it either for 8 hours, 1 week, or 1 year but what the guys has mentioned is you will soon be able to mute a chat for always. This new option is present at the same place (in the below mentioned beta version) where the current Mute Notifications for 1 year option resides. You can see in the below screenshot.

Mute Notifications for Always in WhatsApp Beta
Mute Notifications for Always in WhatsApp Beta | Image Credits:

Now, those of you who are eager to know where to access this new option, well let me tell you that, currently, this new option is spotted on the WhatsApp Beta version Hence, to access it, you must be enrolled in the WhatsApp Beta program (which is full right now) and the other way is somehow you get the latest WhatsApp beta app from anywhere. However, I recommend you not to repeat the later way until you aren’t sure about the source from where you get access to the app.

Now, you might be curious What is unique about this new option? Well, earlier you able to mute a chat for a maximum of 1 year and with this option you can mute a chat for always. That’s it.

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