Medium Custom Domain Service will be available again soon

In a bid to let the writers to gain more exposure on their brand, Medium to soon bring back its custom domain service.

Medium is a popular online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams who also co-founded two other popular online platforms – Twitter and Blogger.

Initially, the main aim to launch Medium is to let the user write posts longer than Twitter’s 140 (which is now 280) characters, Since medium is inspired by Twitter.

However, users find the platform more useful and write blog posts and news articles on it.

Seeing the growing number of quality writers on the platform, Medium also adds the subscription service and the partner program.

The subscription service let the readers to subscribe for the membership for $5 per month or $50 per year.

Taking the Medium membership let the readers to access any story published on medium plus get the ability to support their favourite writers by using a small portion of their membership.

Medium partner program on the other hand, is for writers.

The writers on Medium can join the partner program to earn for their writings.

However, In order to get the payment for the writing, the writers must have an operational and stable stripe account linked with Medium.

Note: Stipe in India still is in preview, hence, Indian writers on Medium still not able to earn for their writings.

Medium to soon brought the custom domain service again

Just like Blogger, one can host a custom domain on a Medium Publication, however, in November 2017, Medium depreciates the service to host custom domain. Now, recently, Medium posted an update in its help center saying the custom domain service will soon be available again for publications. The date however is not certain for now.

Hosting a custom domain on medium lets the writers and brands to expose their branding. However, to host a custom domain on medium earlier the platform asks the publication a one time charge of $75, that includes the domain setup, an SSL certificate and ongoing support for the domain hosted on Medium. Let’s see how much the platform asks the writers now.

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