ICANN Provides Domain Names in Indian Regional Languages
ICANN Provides Domain Names in Indian Regional Languages

Soon ICANN Provides Domain Names in Indian Regional Languages. Till now, we all see domain names in English Alphabets or numbers. However, now we soon also see domain names in Indian Regional Languages alphabets too. According to a report by PTI, ICANN soon starts providing domain name in Indian Regional Languages. In India, the total number of regional languages are 22.

Those of you who don’t know about ICANN it is an organisation which is responsible for managing the DNS worldwide. Right now Half of the world population are using the Internet whereas the other half find it difficult to do so. This is because most of the domains and their contents are not in their native language. Therefore, to cover these population too ICANN has taken this step.

ICANN Provides Domain Names in Indian Regional Languages Soon: Detail Info.

For example, In India, most of the persons are more comfortable to work in the Hindi Language. However, still, registration for Hindi domain is right now not possible. It means that of course you can select a domain using Hindi language but the TLD you specify (i.e. .com, .in etc.) still in the English language. So, ICANN officials are looking forward to building such scripts that will support domain names in Indian Regional languages.

Taking about Search engines, such as a giant like Google, here the officials clearly specify that they support all kinds of URL. However, In our opinion most of the tools that are necessary for Website admins these days takes time to cope with this enhancement.

If ICANN rolls out the TLD in Indian Regional languages soon, Then, In how much time other popular services over internet cope with it. What is your opinion about this? Do let us know in the comment section below.

So, Let see when ICANN officials successfully bring the domain in Indian Regional languages.

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