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Have you ever been curious to listen WhatsApp voice messages in the background?

From the background, I mean listening to the message even if you switch to another chat.

For example, Suppose Mathew sends a voice message to you. Now, while you listening the same message, Andrew sends a message to you. It’s really important to see Andrew’s message. Now, you want to do multi-task here. You want to read Andrew’s message as well as listen to Mathew’s voice message in the background.

WhatsApp is working on the same feature for months.

Currently, WhatsApp stops playing a voice message when you switch on another chat.

However, In the WhatsApp Beta Version, a new global voice player is spotted.

With the new global voice player, you can listen to a voice message while moving from one chat to another.

Here is how the new feature looks.

Did you notice the Global Voice Player at the top of the app while the user is on the home screen? | Credits: WABetaInfo

Once you move to another chat while listening to a voice message, the voice player now moves on to the top of the app.

The player contains two-button, the first one to play and pause the audio and the second one to close the player. It contains a horizontal audio progress bar as well.

At the time of writing this article, this feature is not available even to WhatsApp Beta testers. Hence, we can’t able to deduce its release date for now.

WhatsApp is quite busy in improving the Voice Message Feature

Yes, WhatsApp is quite busy improving its Voice message feature.

Last year, WhatsApp worked out three new features for its Voice message feature.

  1. Changing the playback speed of voice messages
  2. Transcripting Voice Message
  3. Previewing Voice Messages before sending them

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