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Back in 2013, WhatsApp launched the Voice Messages feature and in these seven years, WhatsApp has improved its voice messages feature by adding and upgrading several functions in it.

Take the Slider for Recording Voice Messages feature as an example that WhatsApp launched in November 2017.

Earlier users tap and hold the mic icon to record the voice message but with slider, recording voice messages in WhatsApp became too easy.

To record a voice message for say 1-minute earlier users must tap and hold the mic icon for 1 minute, but with the new slider function in voice messages, users simply tap and hold the mic icon and a slider pops up that is to be slide up and lock to record the voice message with ease.

While with the slider feature, WhatsApp made the voice message recording easier, now its time for an improved listening function for the voice messages.

To improve the listening experience of voice messages, WhatsApp has now added a Fast Playback option to play WhatsApp voice messages at 1.5x and 2x speed.

You can locate the new playback speed option at the immediate left of the play/pause button on the voice messages received as shown in the photo below.

We can now change the Playback Speed of WhatsApp Voice Messages

In the above photo you can see the 1x icon, tapping on the same icon changes the playback speed of the voice messages to 1.5x and 2x speed respectively.

While the new playback speed options let the WhatsApp users to listen voice messages in short time, the pitch of the voice messages will not be change.

The new playback speed for WhatsApp voice messages has been rolled out to the latest version of both of its Android and iOS apps.

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