If we look at the past record, then, Google might start rolling out Android 13 in the fall this year.

Google stopped calling Android Releases with dessert names since Android 10 but internally the versions are still named with popular desserts.

Take Android 13 as an example, its internal codename is Tiramisu which is a coffee-flavored Italian dessert.

Before releasing out the stable version, Google releases a different version of Android. For example, first the developer preview, then the beta, then the beta with platform stability, and lastly the stable version.

If we look at the past record, then, Google releases the developer preview of Android 11 and 12 in the month of February. Hence, we can say the same for Android 13. However, it seems like someone has already tasted the developer preview.

That’s because a feature has gone public. Of course, not officially.

Someone has tipped Android Police about a feature that might pop in Android 13 called Tap to Transfer.

The feature let user move media from one device to another. Here is its UI that has been leaked.

Looking at the UI, you can understand, when two devices become closer to each other, one device can cast an exact UI to transfer media to other devices.

If a device a far away from the casting device, it gets a prompt to move closer.

So, assumptions are made right now, with this feature, users can cast media from a phone to another phone, tablet, Chromecast, or Google assistant connected speakers.

The Tap to Transfer feature might use NFC or UWB technology to achieve the casting facility whereas for media playback it might use Google’s casting protocol.

Now, although Android Police has spotted this feature for casting media files only, it might work for non-media files as well.

Apple has a feature that works more or less like the same. You can play audio on HomePod using an iOS or iPadOS device.

Android Update Workflow in 2022

Currently, the stable version of Android 12 is slowly rolling out to select devices.

Android 13 Developer Preview will roll out in February.

Then, In March, the stable version of Android 12L will roll out for foldable Android phones.

Then, Android 13 Beta will roll out in May and Android 13 Beta with Platform stability will roll out in August.

Lastly, the Android 13 stable version will roll out in October 2022.

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