Leher App Indian Alternative Clubhouse
Leher App Indian Alternative Clubhouse

Leher, many of you might heard this name for the first time. Well, it’s a Live Discussion App categorized under “Social Network” niche. The App let users to Join Live Discussion, Interest-based Clubs and more to interact with other users primarily via Audio and Video. Beside joining the Live Discussion and Interest-based clubs started and created by some other users, Leher allows anyone to create and start their own live discussion and Interest based clubs.

Leher isn’t a new app as it filed it’s existense in the playstores two years ago back in 2018 but for the first time in these two years, the app is now surfing on a big wave to easily reach the island having tremendous amount of Users. Yes, I am taking about a trending app called Clubhouse that also falls down in the same niche where Leher belongs.

About Clubhouse, the Leher app Co-Founder and CEO, Vikas Malpani has reportedly said, “Clubhouse’s success has indirectly helped grow awareness of Leher, and has made us double down on the product”.

Recently, we all see the clash between the Indian Government and the popular microblogging service “Twitter” gives a boost to some homegrown apps like Koo, people are now looking at Leher as an Indian Alternative Clubhouse as both of these apps have some common features like – The Interest Based Clubs, Audio Discuss and more.

Now whatever people are thinking about these two apps, both apps in real are significantly different from each other. For example, Clubhouse exclusively supports Audio Conversation, however, Leher sports video conversation too. Right now, the Clubhouse App is only available for the iOS platform and eventhough the app is available only for iOS platform, only those users are able to create an account on it who has got an invitation from any existing Clubhouse user. The Leher app, on the other hand, is available on both the iOS and Android platform and anyone can use it.

At the time of writing this article, so far more than 100K users have downloaded the Leher app from Google Playstore and has contributed to the overating rating of 4.3 star to the App on Google Playstore.

On Leher, the average spent time of users is around 15 minutes per day whereas the average discussion session is around 2 hours.

What experts believe about Social Networking via Audio Only?

About social networking via audio only, some experts believe after the global pandemic, audio discussion platforms like Clubhouse and Leher might bends the theme of existing Social Media. In Lock down we all see the significance of talking to each other remotely and via different means. Seems like that’s the reason why Twitter is working on Spaces (audio chat rooms) and Facebook has recently ordered it’s experimental team to create a service like Clubhouse.

Noting all these, now it will be interesting to see when any of these above discussed platform will give the world a fully grown up Audio-Based Social Networking Service.

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