Jio Phone 3 is coming with Touch Screen Support
Jio Phone 3 is coming with Touch Screen Support

Jio Phone 3 is coming, yes you heard it right and you know what makes this one way more cooler than its previous two? It is the 5 inch of Touch Screen Panel. According to a report of GSM Arena, Reliance Jio may unveil Jio Phone 3 this June. They get this info by talking to a Reliance executive anonymously who further reveal some info about this Phone.

The phone may comes with 5″ of Touch Screen Display which most user wants from Reliance Team in a Jio Phone.

Moreover, It may sport 2 GB of RAM with 64 GB of Internal Storage whereas the expandable options for external storage via SD Card.

According to GSM Arena, the Phone may come at a price of Rs. 4500. It means you have to Rs. 1500 more in compare with its previous version i.e. Jio Phone 2. Note that Jio Phone 2 is priced at Rs. 3,000 approx.

Okay If you ask our opinion about this upcoming touch sensitive Jio Phone we think it is way more good than its previous model. Especially, if you compare Jio Phone 3 with Jio Phone 2 which most user find difficult to use.

If everything goes like the way we are saying, its pre-order will starts from July whereas sales from August.

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