how to auto skip Intros in Netflix
how auto skip Intros recaps interruption netflix

In this article, we are going to explain you to How to Auto Skip Intros, Recaps, and Interruption in Netflix. No doubt that Netflix acquires a special place in our digital life, and why not? It takes care of our hunger for movies as well TV Episodes. However, no matter whether we are enjoying Netflix TV Shows or movies at some point we definitely exhaust with Intros, recaps and Interruption. But don’t worry this article, provides you a shortcut to auto skip Intros, Recaps and Interruption while watching shows on Netflix.

Recently, Martin Suchy build a Chrome Extension which perform such tasks automatically. The extension name is “Netflix Extended” and you can freely access it from Chrome store.

Below are the features which this extension currently supports right now.

Skip Intros: This option Turn on by default and helps you to skip Intros automatically.

Recaps Skip: Turn on by default and helps to skip recaps automatically.

Skip Interruption: After watching some episodes, Netflix prompt you with the Interruption “Are you still watching”. This option helps you to skip those Interruption automatically.

Disable Touch Screen Play and Pause: Turned OFF by default whereas helps you to Disable touch screen for play and pause.

Trailer Audio Mute: Turned OFF by default, anyways helps you to automatically mute the audio of a Trailer.

Start Next title: Turn ON by defaults whereas helps you automatically going to the Next episode of a season if available.

Note that you can Turn ON and Turn OFF all these features in the options menu that you get by right clicking on the extension. Right click on the Netflix Extended extension that is present at the top right corner of your Chrome Browser.

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