Instagram now supports Landscape videos
Instagram now supports Landscape videos

IGTV now supports Landscape videos along with the vertical one. Instagram rolls out IGTV last year with a unique sense of sporting only vertical videos. However, today company has changed its policy and also supporting landscape videos. This year however, the company allows creators to show IGTV videos preview on their Instagram Feed. That will not just help them gain some followers but also boost Instagram IGTV user base. Beside all these effort, What holds IGTV to grow its user base, is the lack of monetization feature. Due to lack of monetization, most publishers and creators don’t want to waste their work and time on IGTV.

Looking at all this data and also taking feedback from users, Today Instagram rolls out Landscape videos support on IGTV. Still, one can not monetize the IGTV videos but can upload their regular YouTube videos to one more platform. This helps them to grow their user base on Instagram without kicking any extra effort.

From today on one can upload landscape videos on IGTV without any issues but first they have update their application.

This is all about creators and publishers. However, a normal user if want to see a landscape video, he simply have to rotate his/her device to fetch the respective ratio.

This feature is rolling out from today, hence, you may not avail it this soon. However, will restore in your device in coming days.

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