How Samsung Galaxy S10 Wireless Powershare technology Works
How Samsung Galaxy S10 Wireless Powershare technology Works? Image Credits: Samsung

Let us understand How Samsung Galaxy S10 Wireless Powershare technology works? Samsung unveils 4 Galaxy S10 smartphones today. One noticeable feature you find in these phones is the Wireless Powershare Technology. A Technology via which you can provide wireless charge to any of your device that supports wireless charging. Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup have this technology, therefore you can now think your Galaxy S10 smartphones as a Qi charging pad too.

Wireless Powershare Technology was first built and assemble inside a Garment by Professor Mike Fraser, University of Bristol, England. In his publication abstract, you can find how he made flexible coils to insert in between garments that will in turn charge your device (that supports wireless charging). He is the one who first invent this Bidirectional inductive power sharing feature. Later its name became Powershare.

How Samsung Galaxy S10 Wireless Powershare Technology Works? Explained!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Wireless Power Technology
Samsung Galaxy S10 Wireless Power Technology | Image Credits: Samsung

In Powershare Technology, you can share your device power with the other device. However, the maximum power you can share till the power in both device equals each other.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone line up however became the first smartphones who introduce Wireless Powershare Technology.

In Wireless Powershare Technology, there are two coils, one is used for transmitting the power, however, the other one for receiving it. When electric juice passes through the transmitting coil it creates an electromagnetic field. However, the receiving coil catches this electromagnetic field and charge its power cells.

So, from now on when you have to charge your wireless devices (Samsung earbuds) via Galaxy S10, all you have to do is touch both of these device together. After that you will see the magic.

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