disable Netflix Autoplay Videos
disable Netflix Autoplay Videos

After listening to many users’ feedback for a long time, Netflix now finds it essential to bring an option to disable autoplay videos. There are two places when Netflix is automatically playing videos. The first one is when you watch TV shows with multiple episodes, Netflix automatically playing the next episode when an episode completes. Now, the second one is when you browse Netflix, it plays trailers and previews of a TV Show or Movie automatically.

In a tweet shared today, Netflix confirms bringing an option to turn off autoplay videos on the platform.

Now, As I mentioned above, there are two scenarios when Netflix autoplay videos. Let me explain to you how to turn off autoplay videos in both scenarios.

How to turn off autoplay videos while watching a multi-episode TV show?

First Sign In to your profile.

Then, go to Manage Profiles and select the profile on which you want to make changes.

Now, Uncheck the option Autoplay Next Episode in a series on all devices.

That’s it.

How to turn off autoplay of trailers and previews of TV shows while browsing Netflix?

Follow the same steps mentioned above. The only difference is here you have to uncheck the option Autoplay Previews while browsing on all devices.

One thing to note here is the changes you made take effect across all devices but to a specific profile you choose.

Source: Netflix

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