Google Rolls Out Chrome Canvas Web App

Google Rolls Out Chrome Canvas Web App which let you draw anything. The Web app looks very simple. Moreover it contains a limited set of tools like Color Palette, Pencil, Pen, Marker, Chalk and Eraser.

Exploring the Color Palette further gives you two section i.e. Palettes and Custom. The Palettes section contains a set of 24 predefined palette whereas in the Custom section you can define your own.

Now, coming to other tools like Pencil, Pen, Marker, and Chalk they gives you the option to set its Size and Opacity. Moreover, for Chalk tool you can only set its Size.

At the top right corner of the Chrome Canvas Web App you will see three vertical dots. This is the export option the web app provides to you to export your drawing. Note that it exports your drawing in .png Format.

At the top left corner of the Web App you find a Home Icon. Once you click on it you further get two options. The first one is New Drawing and Second one is New From Image. Clicking on New Drawing opens a new drawing board for you whereas clicking on New From Image let you to choose a photo over which you can draw.

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