Google Photos Rolls Out Star and love Icon this Week
Google Photos Rolls Out Star and love Icon this Week

Google Photos Rolls Out Star and Love Icon this Week. According to a tweet post of Google Photos, this week User will see a ⭐️ button in their Google Photos App to mark a Photo as a Favourite. Whereas the ♥️ Button will send some love the photo of your friends on Google Photos.

Marking a Photos as a favourite will bunch all your favourite photos in a separate section in the Albums tab. This ♥️ icon will be present in the lower right corner in a shared album. However, Tapping on this icon generate a highlighted version of this ♥️ icon of the middle left of the screen. This shows you contribute your love to that shared album

Google Photos Rolls Out Star and Love Icon this Week to Mark Photo as Favorite and show some Love

As you can see below in the tweet which is present in the official Google Photos twitter handle.

Moreover, the ⭐️ feature is necessary as you have many photos present in your Google Photos Account. However, there isn’t any feature present by which we can easily mark a photo to collect it in a separate folder. This feature is one tap Favourite marking feature.

Let me tell you that this favourite marking ⭐️ button will be present at the top of the photo when you view the photo in full size. Moreover, you can locate all your favourite photos collectively in the Albums tab. That’s it for now. Point your eye on the latest update of this app in the Play store as well as in the Appstore. According to officials, it will come this week.

Some of us will already get these updates, however, some are not. Do let us know in the comment section, whether you get these features or not.

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