Google Fast Pair Feature Now Work Across all Devices
Google Fast Pair Feature Now Work Across all Devices

Google Fast Pair Feature Now Work Across all Devices. Google Fast Pair feature which the company introduces back on October 17, has now updated. In the new update, Fast pair feature let you pair a device one time and it will synchronize to all your devices. For example, paring a fast pair device to onGooglele account will pair it to all the other devices connected to that account.

All devices that have at least Android Marshmallow i.e. 6.0 and Google Play services 11.7+ supports Google Fast Pair Feature. Suppose you have a Bluetooth headset that supports Google fast pair feature. Now, you connect this headset to a device says a Smartphone that connects with account [email protected]. Now, at a later time, you want to connect this headset to another device that also has an account on [email protected]. Then, that time you don’t have to pair up your headset to this device.


I meant to say, In the latest update of Google Fast Pair Feature, you have to pair it to a google account device once and it will roll out to all the devices.

Note that Fast Pair feature uses Bluetooth Low energy to advertise and discovery of a device. However, uses Bluetooth for pairing to it. The fast pair works only when your Bluetooth, Device location, and nearby options are turned on. Once a fast pair device is within your device 30m or 100ft range, you will get a nearby notification for pairing.

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