Gboard Launches Emoji Kitchen
Here is How it looks.

Emoji bring interest in our talking methods, however in some situations we are able to say our words only through a combination of emojis if we want to say it only through emoji. To make such situation even easier, today Google has added a new feature in the keyboard app it has created. Yes, we are talking about a new feature of Gboard app, with the help of which we can combine two emojis and create a new emoji. Google has named this feature as Emoji Kitchen and this feature has been included in the new update of Gboard App.

So let’s tell you how this feature works.

First of all, to access this feature you have to tap on any smiley emoji and the emoji kitchen will show you all the stickers which have been specially designed by Google. Now as soon as you tap on any sticker, it will become a new emoji by attaching it to your chosen smiley.

For example, if you chose a face emoji and attached a cowboy hat with it, it would become a face with a cowboy hat emoji. Apart from this, you can make Monkey Cowboy, Ghost Cowboy, Laughing Cowboy, etc. You can combine poop and heart emoji together to make love this shit emoji.

Many keyboard apps are available for mobile phones, but Gboard is number one among all keyboard apps for some reasons. The emoji kitchen feature is currently available for Android users, to get it, they have to upgrade their Gboard app, which they can go to PlayStore.

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