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How to Filter Shopping Emails in Gmail? Explained

Have you ever encountered a situation when you want to filter all the shopping emails (for example, the emails having an invoice attached with them) in gmail? If so then, Gmail has a special search operator for the same.

Now although Gmail has a plethora of existing search operators, it seems like this new search operator has been integrated recently in Gmail as we have found it on the purchase section of where the page has exclusively marked it at the bottom of the page. I have attached the screenshot below.

New Search Operator to filter shopping mails in Gmail has been spotted
New Search Operator to filter shopping emails in Gmail has been spotted

In the screenshot you can see the link marked in the blue text and as soon as you click on the same link it redirects you to this link that will open your gmail and feed the below mentioned search operator in the Gmail Search Box and at the same time filter all the shopping mails in Gmail.

Search Operator to Filter Purchases in Gmail
Search Operator to Filter Purchases in Gmail

So we conclude that, with the above search operator, we can easily filter any mails (for example, mails having invoices attached) that are concerned with any purchase we have made and for the same have received an email in our Gmail Account.

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