Google Pay Delete Transactions

In a bid to give users more control over what features they can easily see, Google Pay is enabling the users to delete their individual transactions.

Those of you who don’t, by looking at the theme and type of transactions, Google Pay is personalizing its features for us. Hence, enabling the users to delete the individual transaction will in turn enable the user to control the features they easily want to see in their Google Pay account.

Right now, Google pay has enabled us only to view the transactions that we have made through the app via the Transactions History section, but the app still has not any feature to delete any transactions we have made through the app. The same is rolling out now.

Although we haven’t spotted the feature yet, it is said the feature will be made available to the users in the next update.

When I got to the web end of Google Pay, I spotted a section called Google Pay Experience in the Payments and Subscriptions tab. Now, although the Google Pay experience section says that it let me to see my Google Pay Transactions and Activity and also let me to personalise it but as soon as I opened the same section, it says the tool is currently not available for my account (See the screenshot below) as you can see the feature is currently rolling out and will may available in coming days.

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