List of Movies and TV Shows Coming on Disney Plus

While Disney Plus has 57.8 million subscribers from the world, In the same figure 8.63 million subscribers are from India and accounts for 15% of the total figure. This statistics is for the quarter ended June 2020.

In April-June, the streaming service acquires around 6,25,000 new subscribers as reported by Economic Times. In April, Hotstar revealed it has 8 million subscribers and at the same time Disney Plus crossed 50 million subscriber’s milestones globally.

Globally, Disney Plus has surpassed 60.5 million paid users as of August 3, 2020 and soon this service is going to roll out in 9 out of top 10 economies in the World.

Disney Plus Hotstar Average Revenue Per User in India

Disney’s Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy revealed, Globally, the average revenue per user of Disney Plus is $4.62. However, if we exclude the Disney Plus Hotstar ARPU from it, the overall ARPU increases to $5.31.

In India, Every Quarter, Disney Plus Hotstar generates Rs. 53.16 from each of its subscribers. Now, Although, The ARPU of Disney Plus Hotstar in India is low right now but will rise in coming months as Disney Plus recently has been integrated in Hotstar. The result is both previous Hotstar Plans are revised with the new hiked ones called Disney+ Hotstar VIP (comes at Rs. 399 per year) and Disney+ Hotstar Premium (comes at Rs. 1499 per year).

Disney Plus Hotstar works as Freemium Model

Beside paid plans, Disney Plus Hotstar works as Freemium Model too in which the platform offers the content for free in exchange of presenting advertisements to the subscribers. Disney Plus, on the other hand, not works as Freemium Model.

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