You can now Play 90s Snake Game on Google Maps

You can now play 90s Snake Game on Google Maps. However, the availability of this game limits only to the few locations and not to all the users globally. Google Map users who are living in London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Cairo,
São Paulo,
and Sydney can only play this game for now. However, below in this article, I mention a method via which anyone can play Snake game on Google Maps.

To access this Game on Google Maps all you have to do is open Google Maps menu. You can locate it at the top left corner when open Google Maps. Once you open the menu you’ll find an option saying Play Snake. Tapping on this options leads you to choose any of the 6 locations I mention above.

Once you choose the location, you’ll start playing Snake Game on Google Maps. Note that here Snake is actually a train and you have to start picking up passenger. The more you pick passenger the more count of your score goes. When you pick up one passenger you score gets incremented by 1.

Google Maps Snake Game Choose Destination
Snake Game Gameplay

Google Maps also have a subdomain where they especially host this Snake Game. Anyone can access this game via this link. Note that the interface and features in both the versions are same. The only difference is users who live in 6 location we mention above will able to play Snake Game on Google Maps for Android or iOS.

Note that Google have an old ritual of launching games on Google Maps every April Fool Day. These games will then become the part of Google’s Annual April Day Messages. In 2017, Google rolls out Pac-man on Google Maps. Last year, the team adds Where’s Waldo Game in which one have to find different characters. And now, Snakes also find it place in Google’s Annual April Day Messages.

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