WhatsApp Challenges Indian Govt in Delhi High Court over IT Rules 2021

Till now WhatsApp used to authenticate its user through text messages but soon this app can authenticate or verify by calling its user.

For example, suppose you bought a new phone and inserted your existing SIM in it and now you want to use WhatsApp from this new phone.

Now that you have changed your device and WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted app, so in order to use your WhatsApp account on this new phone, you have to tell WhatsApp about your new phone. To tell WhatsApp about your new phone, WhatsApp automatically texts you a six-digit code that you have to enter into your WhatsApp account.

So till now this verification process is being done through text but according to a report by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp may soon verify its users through calls as well.

However, to get verified through the call, the user will not need to pick up the call as WhatsApp will automatically check and verify the last call log. Yes, you heard it right, in this verification process, WhatsApp will see your call log, but there is nothing to worry because it is being said that WhatsApp will only see the last call log.

Even if WhatsApp comes with this feature, it will come only for Android users because iOS does not allow any application to read call history.

Those of you who don’t know, to make user verification even more easy, another Facebook-run company Instagram is preparing to send the verification code on WhatsApp instead of SMS.

WhatsApp has also recently launched a feature to change the playback speed of voice messages.

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