WhatsApp Ranks Status Based on the Number of Interactions
WhatsApp Ranks Status Based on the Number of Interactions | Image Credits: WhatsApp

WhatsApp Ranks Status Based on the Number of Interactions. A new test which is currently under progress and available to iOS users in countries like India, Brazil, and Spain. WhatsApp Status is a separate panel inside WhatsApp, where we can share Photos, Videos, GIFs, and Texts which disappear automatically after 24 hours. Of course you can delete the file you share manually, before completion of 24 hours. There is an option for this. Moreover, Only those users able to see your WhatsApp Status who numbers are saved in your Phone’s contact list.

Now, a new Mashable report explains that WhatsApp Ranks Status Based on the number of Interactions. The more you interact with a user in your WhatsApp contact list, the more you find his/her status at the top. Therefore, you can say that WhatsApp Status ranking is directly proportional to the highest number of Interactions. Let me clear you, From Interaction I mean the number of messages you received or send, the Number of Status tapping and all that. The core details however, is not public. Therefore, we can’t give you much details about What Interaction mean?

Okay, How WhatsApp Ranks Status Right Now? Right now, WhatsApp shows those user’s Status at the top who update it recently.

This new feature is Testing right now for iOS users and soon available to Android testers. However, we don’t know the exact date yet.

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