Soon you can download Multiple Apps Simultaneously in Google Play Store

Soon you can download Multiple Apps Simultaneously in Google Play Store as new update for Google Play Store is coming. Google Play Store is the largest Marketplace from where one can download or purchase an Android App. One of the major limitation on Google Play Store was one can not update or download multiple apps simultaneously. Now, according to a new report by Android Police, soon users will get this facility.

Right now, When we have several updates for the apps remaining on Google Play Store, we get two options. The first one is Update all, tapping on which leads to download all the updates remaining one by one. The second option we get is to update each app individually. However, In this case too, suppose we tap on two app updates one by one, then we have to wait till the download and installation of first app update.

This process is too bulky and time consuming because when play store download an update for an app, next it install it. I mean in that time, we could download updates for other apps which are in the queue.

Now, Google looks forward to do some server side changes and bring an update for Google Play Store soon, that leads to simultaneous download of updates. Right now, we test the Google Play Store but we haven’t got this feature yet.

Seems like the update is rolling out and we have to wait a little.

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