Nikon Unveils Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Z7 and Z6
Nikon Unveils Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Z7 and Z6 | Image Credits: Nikon

Today, Nikon Unveils Full Frame Mirrorless camera Z7 and Z6 in India. Along with these two Z series mirrorless camera, the company also unveils Nikorr Z series lenses. Z7 is the high-end device while the Z6 one falls under the Mid-range segment. Sony starts selling Z7 and Nikorr Z series lenses from September 27 this year. However, the shipment for Z6 starts this November.

The high-end photo shooting machine by Sony lends Rs. 2,69,950 from your pocket without packs with Nikorr lenses. This is because Nikorr Z 24-70MM F/4S lens plus Mount Adapter FTZ itself has a worth of Rs. 3,26,950. However, talking about Nikorr Z 24-70MM F/4S Kit cost, it is Rs. 3,14,950. Reveals by Gadget 360.

Talking about the Mid Segment Model Z6, the body only costs you Rs. 1,69,950. Its cost is 1 lakh rupee less than this series High-end model i.e. Z7. Now, If you want to buy Z6 along with Nikorr Z 24-70MM F/4S lens plus Mount adapter FTZ kit it will transact Rs. 2,26,950 from your pocket. Some users want to buy Z6 without the Mount Adapter FTZ kit for them this device and accessories cost Rs. 2,14,950.

Want to read about the full specs, Features and different combination of kits snaps, we think you should roll over to their blog.

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