Microsoft Edge Chromium Preview Build is now Available to Download
Microsoft Edge Chromium Preview Build is now Available to Download | Image Credits: 9to5google

Microsoft roll out a page from where you could download the preview build of the Browser. Below in this post you’ll find the link. Currently only Windows 10 users are able to download this browser. But don’t worry it will soon available for other platform as well. Microsoft looks forward to roll out Chromium based edge preview build for browsers other than Windows 10 too. The other versions of Windows that will soon able to get this preview build are Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7. However, this preview build will also be made available to MacOS users.

Now being more specific Windows 10 users can download this preview build in three channels called Beta, Dev and Canary. Well, the preview build for later two are right now available to download. Moreover, for the Beta Channel it is coming soon.

Now, If you are thinking what is the difference between Dev Channel and Canary Channel and which one to download? Let me explain about these three channels in brief so that you better under which one to download.

Microsoft Edge Inside Preview Build Available to Download in Different Channels

Beta Channel: Well, Beta Channel is the most stable version of Microsoft Edge preview build.

Dev Channel: If you download the Dev Channel preview build you’ll get the best representation of the browser last week. It is less stable in compare to Beta Channel.

Canary Channel: The Canary Channel is the least stable one and represent the best status of the preview build last day. It means if you download edge preview build of canary channel, then you’ll see the most latest feature the browser have.

You can access the Edge Preview Build via this link. Moreover, below in the same page you’ll see a Notify me button to know when the preview come for OS other than Windows 10.

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