Top 3 Ways to Launch Snip and Sketch App Instantly on Windows 10

In this article, I am going to reveal with you guys the Top 3 ways to launch snip and sketch app instantly in Windows 10. Well, those of you who don’t know what Snip and Sketch app is, let me tell you. It’s a Windows App that helps you to Quickly edit screenshots, photos and other images. Earlier this app name was Screen Sketch which Microsoft change it later.

Microsoft Snip and Sketch app is available in Windows 10 version starting from 17763. Most of you know that to launch Snip and Sketch App there is a shortcut key i.e. Win+SHIFT+S. Once you press these keys together the app will launch. But there are some other shortcuts as well which I write about below.

Top 3 Ways to Launch Snip and Sketch App Instantly

1. Using Print Screen Button

Every Laptop or Desktop Keyboard has a dedicated PRT SC button. The button helps you to take a screenshot of your display. One drawback attached with this button is after you take the screenshot, you have to again edit the photo. Isn’t it too cool to capture a screenshot which we don’t have edit later. At this place Snip and Screen app helps you. All you have to enable an option and you will able to launch Snip and Sketch via your PRT SC button.

First Go to Settings, now in the search bar search for PrtScn then press enter. A Page will open where you find an option called Print Screen Shortcut, you just have to enable this option. Once you enable this option, everytime now you press the PRT SC button in your keyboard Snip and Sketch app opens.

Print Screen Shortcut Windows 10

2. Via Action Center

The next way to quickly launch Snip and Sketch App in Windows 10 is via Action Center. This app resides in Action center via the name Screen Snip. Now, Those of you who don’t know how to access Action center in Windows 10 can refer to the screenshot below.

How to access Action center in Windows 10? | Image Credits: Microsoft

3. Via Pen Tail Button

This option is only for those users who have a digital pen. All you have to do is go to Pen & Windows Ink Settings. There you’ll find Screen Snipping is now an option for single click. Enable this option and you’ll able to launch Snip and Screen app instantly in one click via your digital pen button.

Bonus: You can also Pin the Snip and Sketch App in your Taskbar to access it instantly next to your one mouse click.

Recommend us below in the comment section, How you access snip and sketch app in Windows 10. Do you even use this app or not.

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