Jack Dorsey may brings Tweet Editing Feature
Jack Dorsey may brings Tweet Editing Feature

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Jack Dorsey finally says he may brings Tweet Editing Feature to Twitter. In the interview he explains why he not introduced Tweet editing feature till now. Dorsey explains he made Twitter like the concept of SMS. Once a SMS reaches at receiver end right now, they isn’t any way available to fetch it back.

However, now, In the Interview Dorsey say, He look forward to go with a lot of Twitterati’s opinion. He says he may bring Tweet editing feature in some future update of Twitter. But he says the original Tweet remains viewable, no matter whether you update a Tweet. Moreover, After posting a Tweet it become editable for a certain period of time say for 5-30 seconds.

Now, If you look Twitter this is their non-editable Tweet feature that makes this Platform so popular. As soon as a user post a cranky tweet, other users make meme of it. If you ask my opinion, Twitter right now, is the top platform take popularize the meme concept. If a Tweet become editable everybody later edit their Tweet if they gone wrong.

However, the availability of editing a tweet under 5-30 seconds is cool, because a great of typo errors also occurs while posting a Tweet.

Right now, if you ask When this features lands in Twitter, we are not able to give you a date. However, when it is we’ll let you know.

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