Save a Webpage in Chrome to Read it Later

Google Chrome is silently competing with some of the popular services available on the web by integrating similar features of those popular services in its services.

How many of you are reading a lot of webpage in Google Chrome?

Well I think most of you who are reading this article.

So, if I am right then, I know that while you want to read most of the webpages there must be some webpages left behind unread.

So wouldn’t it be great if the Chrome browser have some feature to save those webpages so that we can read them later.

Well there is actually one, the Reading List feature that recently has been added in Chrome 89 and later versions to let user save a webpage to read it later.

Many of you are familiar with this feature in some popular services like Pocket, Instapaper and others already existing on the web.

To make the browser more productive, Chrome thought why not to add a similar feature in the Chrome browser too. Hence, come up with the Reading List feature.

Let me tell you now How you can use the Reading list feature to save a webpage in Chrome to read it later.

Steps to save a Webpage in Google Chrome to Read it Later

First load a webpage.

Next click or tap on the bookmark star icon present in the search address bar or in the hamburger menu.

As soon as you click or tap on the bookmark icon, two options will appear in which you have to choose Add to Reading List.

Now, as soon as you click or tap on the Add to Reading List option, the article will be saved to the Reading list present in the bookmark bar as shown in the image below.

Reading List in Chrome

Note: If you are not able to see the bookmark bar in your browser then check whether the bookmark bar option is enabled in your browser or not at Settings > Appearance > Show Bookmarks Bar or with the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B.

Now, In the reading list you will see your article listed as Unread articles at the top and the one you have read at the bottom.

You can remove or mark any article read or unread by clicking on the respective icon present in front on the article in reading list as shown above.

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