GoPro Plus Subscription Now Provides Unlimited Cloud storage

GoPro Plus Subscription Now Provides Unlimited Cloud storage for Photos and Videos. Moreover, Only those photos and videos are counted toward this unlimited storage that either shoots via GoPro or edit via Quik and Mix GoPro. Note that to enroll in GoPro Plus subscription you have to pay $4.99 monthly which costs around Rs. 350 in India. Moreover, user who enroll for GoPro Plus for the first time can avail one month of free trial for the first month. After that the pricing cycle starts.

What makes this Unlimited Cloud Storage worthy is, it stores your Photos and videos without sacrificing its quality. Which means your photos won’t be compressed while uploading it to the GoPro Cloud Storage.

To enroll for GoPro Plus Subscription, you can either navigate to Google Playstore or Apple App store. User who enroll for this plan also get a VIP Badge with Priority Support from the server end.

GoPro Cloud gives you Offload feature that makes uploading files to the Cloud lot more easier. You won’t have to switch to your PC or Transfer files to SD Card, your smartphone takes care of all that.

It also provide you a range of music files which you can free to use in your video project showcase.

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