google tez new feature pays local service providers bill

Google Tez New Feature Pays Local Service Providers Bill: Intro

Google Tez New Feature Pays Local Service Providers Bill. Yes, Google Tez has integrated a very good feature into its new update. Now with the help of Google Tez, you will be able to easily pay your Utility Bills. With Utility bills, we mean Electricity bills, Local Service Provider’s bills etc.

The company said that they starts the work on these features since December last year. Let you know that Google launched Google Tez in September last year. At that time Google Tez only supports Pear to Pear Payment Via UPI. With the help of which we could transfer our Funds from the bank without any charges. But with this new Google Tez update, we will easily be able to pay our National as well as Local Service Providers bill too.

What are the Local Service Providers who get the ticket?

After this new update of the Google Tez Payment App, we will be able to pay our national as well as local services providers bills such as electricity, gas, water, and DTH services etc. through a single click.

How to Pay our Local Service Provider’s Bill by Google Tez?

First of all, Download the Google Tez App from Playstore and Install it. Then open it.

Then click on the New Payment button as we show in the screenshot below.

google tez new feature pays local service providers bill Snap

After this, open the Pay your bills option. As soon as you click on Pay Your Bills option, you will get the list of all service providers open.

Then, You just have to fill your account details and then easily pay your bills.

Increasing bill payments through mobile in India, it seems now that Google Tez has also been paced to build up its reputation. After providing payment to local service providers, this year the company may also bring some to small businessmen.

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