Best Screen Recording Software 2019
Best Screen Recording Software 2019

In this article, we gonna guide you to select the Best Screen Recording Software for the year 2023.

You can use these screen recording software for any purpose like shooting an education video, tutorial or creating a GIF.

Many users find it difficult to choose a screen recording software as there are a plenty of them available in the market.

In that case first decide about the work you want to perform. For example, there are some screen recording software that helps you to simply record screen while there are others that helps you to stream your gameplay on video streaming websites like YouTube. So, first decide your work and then choose the software accordingly.

Anyways, keep reading this article because here we explain some of the best Free and Paid Screen Recorder software available in the market right now.

List of Best Screen Recording Software 2023

iTop Screen Recorder Pro

iTop screen recorder is one of the best screen recording software available in the market. It helps you to record movies, live streaming games in 4K resolution. You can add your watermark in the video as well with various fonts and color. It also have feature to schedule recording. Now, most of the screen recorder gives you the facility to record your desktop screen, a few of them gives you the feature to edit your screen recording. It has features like trimming, merging, splitting, effects and subtitles.

Taking about its price, it is a freemium software which means it is available in free version (with limited features) and have monthly and yearly subscription as well which is called the Pro version.

In the screenshot below, you can compare the features of both the free and Pro version.

iTop Screen Recorder Pricing

Now, if you have compared the above feature, I suggest you to try its subscription based version. iTop team is allowing users to try their software for free by providing 30 day money back guarantee.

So, if you want to take the subscription for iTop Screen Recorder Pro, click on the button below and take the subscription.

Download: iTop Screen Recorder Pro

OBS Screen Recorder

OBS Screen Recorder is a perfect screen recording tool for capturing online games and streaming your Gameplay. What makes OBS Studio so cool is it uses your graphics card for screen recording. Therefore, your system works smoothly while you use this software. Moreover, With this tool, you can record your video in 60FPS.

Download: Open Broadcaster Software

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio is also one of the best tools for screen recording. Here, you get no time limit on your screen recording session. Apart from this, you get many cool features like noise reduction, blur tools, stickers etc.

Download: Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Ice Cream Screen Recorder

Ice Cream Screen Recorder have the friendliest interface among all the screen recording tool we mention here. It sports features like capturing a video in 4:3 or 16:9 ratio. You can keep the resolution of a video in between 240p to 1080p. Here you have the facility to export a video in several formats like MP4, WebM, AVI, etc. Those of you who loves GIF very much can use this tool create a GIF out of a video.

Download: Ice Cream Screen Recorder

Active Presenter

Active Presenter is a perfect tool for those who make tutorials, training or demonstrations videos. Here also you have no restriction over the length of a video you shoot. The Active Presenter has many editing tools such as Audio Video Overlay Tool, Object Highlighting, Different Video Export Format, etc.

Download: Active Presenter


In Tiny Take, you can easily record short videos as well as take screenshots. This is one of the most easy-to-use tools among all the tools we mention here.

Download: TinyTake

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