Google Photos to soon let you Zoom Video Playback

Although Google Photos was launched as a photo sharing and storage service, it is now also evolving as an editing tool and not just for photos but videos too. Starting this week, we saw Google Photos testing a feature to zoom a video playback.

Last year Google Photos rolled out an enhanced photo editor for Android and now is rolling out the same enhanced photo editor for the iOS. In a recent blog post, Google has announced, it is bringing a new video editor for Android, and some exclusive photo editing features for Google One Members.

Let’s talk about the new Video Editor at first.

Google Photo Video Editing Features

While Google Photos for iOS already have some video editing features, Google Photos for Android is gaining any video editing feature for the first time. After getting the new video editing features, Google Photos now have more than 30 video editing features. Some of the popular ones are Trimming, Stabilizing, Rotation, Crop, Change Perspective, Add Filters, and Granular Edits.

Google Photos Photo Editing Features

In addition to the new video editing features, Google Photos is also bringing some enhanced photo editing features on Android Devices. Now, while the Pixel Phone users are already using these enhanced photo editing features for free, Google is bringing these features for non-pixel users too via its paid subscription service Google One.

Below is the list of enhanced photo editing features, Google Photos is bringing for any Android Device taken any Google One Subscription.

  1. Portrait Blur: Can Blur the Background of the object in a photo, even after the photo is clicked.
  2. Portrait Light: Can improve the lighting on Faces, even after the photo is clicked.
  3. Blur
  4. Color Pop

All the above Machine Learning Powered Photo Effects are going to roll out in Google Photos for Android Devices (that have at least 3GB RAM and running on Android 8) in a few days, unless and until they haven’t taken the Google One subscription.

Google One Subscription benefits as of now.

  • At $1.99 for a month, we get 100GB of storage
  • Premium Support from Google Experts
  • Google Store Rewards
  • Extended Free Trial for Google Service. For example, YouTube Premium and more.

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