Google Maps COVID 19 Relief Shelters India
Google Maps COVID 19 Relief Shelters India

In a bid to help those who are looking forward to know where the relief centres are in India to get Food and Night Shelters, Google is releasing a feature to show COVID 19 relief centres in India on Google Maps.

In a statement, the company said, they are working closely with the Central Governement as well as the State Governments in India to bring this feature.

Do note that while India is in lockdown till April 14, people who stuck at a non-familiar place are continuously looking forward to find such relief centres. Google soon going to rollout this service on different Google Products and a user can access it by searching with the Keywords Food Shelters in or Night Shelters in. The service is going to be available on both the English as well as the Hindi Language.

Right now, the service is available in 30 cities across India and one can access it by searching with the keyword Food Shelters in <city name> or Night Shelters in <city name>.

Below in the screenshot I have shown the availability of the above mentioned service on Google Search and yes it can also be accessible on Google Maps.

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