google launches gallery go app
credits: Google

Yesterday, Google launched a brand new Photo Gallery App “Gallery Go” that helps you to organize and edit photos present in your Smartphone.

What makes this new app cool is it takes help of AI to organize your photos. For example, Grouping photos in different categories like People, Selfie, Movies, Videos, and others.

The app size is 8.5MB on Google Play; however, after installation, its size varies from one device to another.

This app also helps you to edit your photos like an option present in it called Auto Enhance that makes your photo to look at its best by merely tapping on a single option.

It can work offline and also able to copy and transfer files from SD card of your Phone.

You can think of this app as the lightweight, offline alternative to Google Photos.

What I like the most about this app is it sort photos and video at the app level. I meant to say it sort your Whatsapp photo in one folder whereas whatsapp businesses photos in another. Similarly, it creates an Instagram folder in the app that contains all your Instagram photos. The same sorting it can do with the videos present on your Phone too.

If you are confused to manage your photos and videos present in your Phone via your Phone’s default gallery app, then you should try Gallery Go. Its interface is also quite simple to understand and use.

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