Google Chrome Blocks Heavy Ads
Google Chrome Blocks Heavy Ads

Google Chrome is always working on to bring fresh new features that helps user experience on the browser. Now, reports are coming Chrome developers working on a feature that blocks massive ads to show up in the Chrome Browser.

Well, this is not the first time Google Chrome rolling out an ad blocker in Chrome. If you remember, Last year Chrome adds a built-in ad-blocker that blocks intrusive and misleading ads. In this built-in ad-blocker Chrome uses the Better Ads Standard.

Now, Taking a step forward, Chrome now working on to block those ads that degrade user experience in Chrome Browser.

Technically speaking, Chrome now whitelists ads in terms of its network and CPU usage of the browser.

In a new Chromium commit, John Delaney says “we are working on to block those ads that are consuming 0.1% of bandwidth usage, 0.1% of CPU usage per minute, and 0.1% of overall CPU time”.

Right now Chrome ads are using a maximum of 4MB Network and 60 seconds CPU time.

I think its a great feature to enhance the user experience, but it drops revenue of some publishers who are not using a well-defined ads partner.

Well, you can see right now this new feature is in Chromium commit. Therefore, it has to complete a long run to flag into Chrome Stable version.

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