Google Assistant Ambient Mode now available on OnePlus Devices
Google Assistant Ambient Mode now available on OnePlus Devices

Today, In a forum post, One of the OnePlus staff members reveals the insertion of Google Assistant Ambient Mode to OnePlus devices starting OnePlus 3. Google rolled out Ambient mode last year, but till now, a handful of phones have this feature, and yes, OnePlus devices now become that handful of phones.

Those of you who don’t know, Ambient mode is a proactive experience, or you can say a feature accessible on your Phone’s lock screen while you connect it for charging. The feature turns your Phone’s lock screen into a digital photo frame giving you information about Weather, Calendar, Events, Music control, Photo Album, and many others.

Well, if you want to know my thought about this feature, I think it makes your smartphone usable even while it is charging, making your smartphone super engaging.

OnePlus user can set up this feature by following any of the two methods mentioned below.

Method 1:

  1. Connect your smartphone to the charger.
  2. Click the notification appears and then follow the guidelines accordingly.

Method 2:

  1. Open Google App Settings
  2. Go to Assistant
  3. Then Devices (Phone) and there you see the option to turn on Ambient Mode.

Last but not least, this new update is rolling out in a staged manner; hence, it may take some time to appear in your device. In the meantime, be patient and check for an update that has come to your device or not.

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