FBI Seized a Domain Which Infects 500000 Routers
FBI Seized a Domain Which Infects 500000 Routers

FBI Seized a Domain Which Infects 500000 Routers Around the World. In fact, A report by Cisco and Symantec says that this domain infects approximately 500,000 routers across 54 countries. Cisco and Symantec say that this domain not only collect device’s data and credentials but also destroys it through the VPN filter.

In its affadavit, the FBI says the hacking group Sofacy perform this operation. In the Tech world, this hacking group is also popularly known by the name Fancy Bear.

FBI Seized a Domain Which Infects 500000 Routers: Report

The domain ToKnowAll.com performs this operation with the help of an IOT malware. Let me tell you that VPNFilter is an IOT malware. This malware has the ability to write code in the device memory itself. Because of this ability, the code remains present in the memory even after a reboot. Moreover, This malware is able to collect files, execute codes, and even controls the entire device.

As soon as FBI officials got the permission from the federal judge of Pennsylvania they take over the domain.

Moreover, If you are using any of the routers given below, we suggest you to immediately read the guide about how to factory reset your device as told by Cisco and Symantec.

  • Netgear 8000
  • Netgear 6400
  • QNAP Routers
  • Netgear DGN2200
  • Netgear R6400
  • Linksys Routers
  • Netgear WNR2000
  • Netgear WNR1000
  • Mikrotik Routers Version 1016, 1036, 1072.

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