Fastags are now available on amazon
Fastags are now available on amazon

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FASTags are now available on Amazon Website. Those of you who don’t know about FASTags, well its a device through which you could pay your toll bills online by yourself. One who have this device installed in their Car or other 4 Wheeler vehicles could pay their Toll Plaza Bills online. This brings them two benefit, the first one is, it saves some of their time while the other is it also helps them to save some fuel. I already cover an article about FASTag, so interested parties could read that article via this link.

Earlier, FASTags came pre-installed with new cars or four wheeler vehicles. Right now, A total of 22 certified banks issue this device to certain channels. From these channels (like Toll Plaza, certain bank branches) one could buy it. Once a customer buy this device, he/she can link it with his/her bank account to automatically transact the Toll Plaza charge at its respective place.


Beside Toll Plaza and Bank Branches, One can also purchase this device from certain Petrol Pumps or CSC centers. However, In all these methods, I think this new online availability is the better option because it deliver the device at your doorstep.

Customers who want to link Fastags with their bank account, currently, a total of only 7 banks that sports this facility. These banks are SBI, ICICI, Axis, HDFC, IndusInd, PayTm Payments Bank and Equitas Small Finance Bank.

Moreover, the online availability of this FASTag device is only for VC-4 i.e. Car, Jeep and Van Only. If you own a vehicle not falls down to the category I mention, then you will able to purchase the FASTag device from other method.

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