Facebook Messenger has got Quote and Reply Feature

Facebook Messenger has got Quote and Reply Feature. Let me guess out how many of you are able to catch out what this feature is? I ask so because I think many of you have already use it. Well this is one of the most usable feature WhatsApp already have. This feature is helpful when you have a long conversation with someone and you want to reply for a particular line of message.

Just like WhatsApp you have to long-press on a Messenger’s message and a reply icon pop up along with reaction. Clicking on the reply icon will give you the ability to reply to that message.

Following are the type of messages for which you will able to quote and reply.

  1. Text
  2. Photos
  3. GIFs
  4. Videos
  5. Emoji

Earlier In Messenger when we long press on any of the type of messages I mention above, Messenger give us the option to react on that message via some emojis only. These Emojis include love, funny, wow, sad, angry, like and dislike. Now, along with these emojis you will also find a reply icon.

Facebook Messenger Quote and Reply feature

I’m using Messenger version and this feature is available here. One more thing this feature is not available is Messenger Lite. Even Messenger won’t give you the option to react on a message on Messenger.

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