Bharti Airtel Launches an App to Support Women Safety
Bharti Airtel Launches an App to Support Women Safety

Today, Bharti Airtel launches an app to support women safety. The company has built this app in collaboration with FICCI Ladies Organization commonly abbreviated as FLO. The App basically sends SOS message to any of the 5 persons the name of whom a user has fed into the App.

A user can send a message in a total of 13 languages the app supports. These 13 languages are English, Hindi, Bangla, Tami, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese and Urdu.

The App name is MyCircle and it is available to both the Android as well as iOS users. It works like this, When a user finds a panic he/she can send an SOS message to any of the 5 persons the data of which he/she fed into the app. All he/she have to do is open the app and press the SOS prompt. Note that the company has programmed the app to open by Voice command to therefore, you can even use Siri and Google Assistant for this purpose.

The SOS message the user sends also contains the location info. of the user so that the message receiving body could easily track the victim.

Right now, the function to activate the app via voice command is only available for iOS users but it will soon roll out for Android users too.

One more thing, Right now the company has not made public the exact link of the app for Google Play store and Apple Store. When they do we will update the same in this article.

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