Airtel XStream Fiber Mesh available on Rs 24999 and above Annual Plan

Back in May this year, Airtel listed a new service called Airtel XStream Fiber Plus on their website. This new service let the user to extend their WIFI coverage within their big home by setting up nodes at different places. The nodes installed at different places coordinate with each other to reduce the dead spots of Internet in the home. In other way, the service enhances the WIFI coverage in your big home.

Now, while revealing about this service, back then we don’t know, when Airtel going to launch and made this service available to all.

Airtel XStream Fiber Mesh Plan

Now, although the same service has been recently renamed to Airtel XStream Fiber Mesh, a FAQ on Airtel’s website reveals, one can avail this service when subscribe with a minimum of Rs 24,999 Annual Plan of Airtel XStream. It has been said, the service will be available only to the Airtel XStream Premium and VIP users who have enrolled for a minimum Annual Rental Plans (ARPs) of Rs. 24,999. However, the website also has mentioned the price of the Device is not bundled with the ARP Plan.

Airtel XStream Fiber Mesh Device

Linksys Velop Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi Router System | Image Credits: NDTV Gadgets 360

Airtel says, currently their XStream Fiber Mesh service is working only with Linksys Velop Triband Device that comes in a package of 3 and to be sold only in bundle. This Triband device covers (providing Internet) an approximate area of ~3500 sq. ft but some factors (like the type of house, number of walls, construction materials and more) can may affect the actual coverage area.

Airtel says, within 48 hours from the time of lead generation, the engineer visits the user home to complete the installation.

Airtel XStream Fiber Mesh Service App

For this same service, Airtel also has an App called the Mesh App that is said to be a place where users can track everything about their Airtel XStream Fiber Mesh connection. This app gives user the facility to check all the devices that is connected to the user’s Mesh WIFI system plus also gives the Parental Control, Speed Check and Guest Access Facility.

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