Airtel VoLTE
Airtel VoLTE

Airtel launched its VoLTE service after JIO. Now, Not just JIO in India, but Airtel has also become a VoLTE network. In September last year, JIO had made headlines for the first time with the launch of voice over LTE that is VoLTE facility in the country. This entry in JIO has completely changed the picture of the telecom industry.
JIO has offered free calls to its users due to VoLTE and now the country’s largest telecom operator has started this service too. The Airtel VoLTE service has just been launched in Mumbai and this service is free just like JIO. In the next few months, there is a plan to spread it across the country.
VoLTE service connects fast calls. And with this, you will get the HD Voice Quality Call.

Let’s learn what is the Airtel VoLTE service?

VoLTE i.e. voice over LTE offers an operator to both data and voice calls on the 4G LTE network. The advantage of VoLTE is that the quality of call is better than 3G and 2G connections. VoLTE service also gives users the option to call video without data connection. Its call quality is much better than ordinary call.

What is the reason for launching the Airtel VoLTE service?

So far, the VoLTE service was only for JIO, but Airtel has this VoLTE service for the first time in Mumbai and plans to expand it all over the country, due to this plan Airtel try to maintain the loss due to telecom companies. Airtel will become the second company to offer this service in the country. It is believed that Vodafone too can launch this service soon.

How to Get VoLTE Service?

First of all check whether you are using Airtel 4G SIM or not. If your Airtel SIM is not 4G, then you can upgrade the SIM by going to the nearest Airtel store. You can also Upgrade your mobile operating system. This update is given by the handset manufacturer. Follow these instructions to enable VoLTE by going to THIS PAGE and also see if your device is VoLTE supportive or not. Those who have Dual SIM phones, and if you want to use Airtel VoLTE then you have to keep Airtel in 4G SIM slot which is slot 1.
With the introduction of VoLTE service, Airtel becomes the second company to offer this service in the country. It is believed that Vodafone too can launch this service soon.

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