Finding a Simple WhatsApp Bug helps a Manipuri Guy to win $5000

Finding a Simple WhatsApp Bug helps a Manipuri Guy to win $5000 amount of money from Facebook. If you calculate the price money in India Rupee it is around Rs. 3,43,000.

Zonel Sougaijam, a local guy from Manipur, India reveals a simple WhatsApp Bug. This bug helps him to win $5000 amount of prize money from Facebook.

Let me tell you that this bug is quite simple and you may also have noticed this. But due to lack of information about Facebook Bug Bounty program you haven’t received this prize money.

So, I think you should read about Facebook Bug Bounty Program.

Now, let’s come to the point of What that Bug was?

Finding a Simple WhatsApp Bug helps a Manipuri Guy to win $5000: What is this WhatsApp Bug?

Well, that WhatsApp bug associates with WhatsApp Audio and Video calling Feature.

Earlier, When you place an audio call to someone on WhatsApp and switches that audio call to video call it switches to video call automatically on the receiver side as well without his/her permission.

However, the way it should work is until the receiver won’t switches it to the video call the call should remain in audio version.

This simple bug violates the receivers privacy on WhatsApp and Sougaijam found it.

Once Sougaijam found this bug he report this bug to Facebook Security Team.

On the other side, Facebook Security Team once received and verify this bug report from Sougaijam, they send an email to him, thanking and giving him $5000 as the prize money. This prize money comes under Facebook Bug Bounty Program.

This year a total of 96 people listed under Facebook Bug Bounty winners. Moreover, you can easily spot Zonel Sougaijam at 16th position.

Well, the bug is not available in WhatsApp anymore and now you can’t automatically switch the audio call to video call on receiver side.

Facebook team remove it in around 15-20 days after the bug reporting.

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